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Car rental in Thailand
Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Travelers are attracted by the unusual flavor of local life, cultural heritage, historical and architectural monuments, food and the absence of…

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New Year in the rhythm of reggae
Who said that the New Year holidays are winter, frost and snowfall? If the snow is replaced with white sand of a tropical beach heated by the tropical sun, the…

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Seven things to go to Denmark for
For those who want to relax in Denmark, the best time to travel is from May to September. And, of course, in December before Christmas, when the sights of Denmark…

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Halal hotels in Turkey and the rules of their placement

75 Turkish specialized halal hotels work for tourists of all religions, who are ready at the same time to relax in accordance with Sharia
The market of Muslim (halal) tourism in Russia in recent years has been developing even more dynamically than traditional types of recreation. According to experts, the most popular destinations among Russian tourists for such a holiday now are the UAE, Malaysia and Turkey.

As for the most popular exit destination in Russia – Turkey, this country is strengthening its position in the Russian halal tourism market every year. Now, according to Menzat Ozgyur, a representative of the Turkish hosting company Tulpar Travel, the main flow of halal tourists from Russia to Turkey is generated by such Russian regions as Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, the republics of the North Caucasus and Crimea. Continue reading

Bali regions for beach holidays and surfing

Together with VITO RUSSIA, the expert traveled the whole island, got acquainted with different images of Bali, compiled TOP locations for you, and also prepared useful tips. This article is about beaches and surfing.

Bali, locals consider the “island of the gods.” According to legend, the higher powers were so bewitched by the local beauties that they decided to rule the world with Bali.

Despite the fact that Bali is part of Indonesia, it is a very special island, an enclave of “Indo-Buddhism” in the country, with its own way of life, its own philosophy and rules. You can feel it from the first minutes of a trip around the island – which is worth at least tens of thousands of temples scattered throughout. Continue reading

New Year in the rhythm of reggae

Who said that the New Year holidays are winter, frost and snowfall? If the snow is replaced with white sand of a tropical beach heated by the tropical sun, the Christmas tree with a palm tree, and the traditional “Soviet champagne” with the Pina Colada cocktail, such a New Year will become even more interesting!

New Year and Christmas holidays – this is a time of carefree relaxation and, of course, a wonderful festive mood.

And what can make such holidays unusual and unforgettable? Naturally, unusual atmosphere and many, many Caribbean Sea. If you are bored with the traditional snowy winter, try to celebrate the New Year in Jamaica! Continue reading

Christmas in Poland

Since Christmas night in Poland is traditionally considered a family holiday, most Poles try to meet it at home, and in each family, mandatory preparations are made. Every Polish mistress in the morning starts a general cleaning of the house, prepares twelve dishes, decorates the rooms and decorates the Christmas tree. The festive table is prepared in strict accordance with church traditions, so all the dishes that are prepared for Christmas Eve are necessarily lean: fish, cereals, traditional red soup with ears, Christmas pastries. In addition, there is always a large plate with wafers on the Polish Christmas table, and some Polish families still put a little straw under the Christmas table – in memory of the Bethlehem Cave.

Celebrating Christmas in Poland, you will be surprised at the hospitality of the Poles – according to tradition, lonely people are always invited to join the celebration, because on this magical evening no one should be alone, and people are always ready to share with others a piece of their Christmas tale. Continue reading

New Year and Christmas holidays

Have not decided yet where exactly you will meet the winter holidays this year? If you want to plunge into the unusual atmosphere of a winter fairy tale and touch the traditions, you can celebrate New Year and Christmas in one of the most beautiful countries in Eastern Europe – Poland.

If you go on a vacation this winter to Poland, you can be sure that this winter vacation will be unforgettable for you and your loved ones.

Poland is an amazing country with a long history shrouded in many secrets and legends.

The Poles reverently keep their traditions, so here you can still see a lot of amazing customs live, try traditional Polish dishes prepared according to old recipes and, of course, learn a lot of new and interesting information about this country, captivating with its indescribable flavor. Continue reading

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