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Seven things to go to Denmark for

For those who want to relax in Denmark, the best time to travel is from May to September. And, of course, in December before Christmas, when the sights of Denmark acquire a snow-festive winter decoration, creating a magical feeling of a fairy tale come true in both children and adults.

The weather in Denmark is moderately warm in summer, although rain is not uncommon. In winter, air temperature rarely drops below 5 degrees.

Snow? Snow usually falls here only in December – as a Christmas and New Year present, and wrapped in a white fluffy blanket of light snow, Denmark turns into an unforgettable fairy-tale kingdom.

For those who decide to go on a vacation to Denmark, we can offer a list of 7 things that every guest of the Danish kingdom must do.

1. Penetrate Squatter Island
In the heart of Copenhagen, on the island of Amo, illegally occupied by squatters about 40 years ago, the experimental state of Christiania is located. You can get here through a small entrance near the water.

Here you will immediately find yourself among houses of various sizes, shapes and colors. Some of them are rather ridiculously painted, some are surrounded by real dumps from old bicycle wheels, gas cylinders and boards. You can take pictures here, but carefully, but on the approach to Pusher Street, the main street of Christiania, the camera should generally be hidden away. The society here is noticeably warmed up by alcohol and soft drugs, which are sold in this miniature country absolutely freely, and absolutely do not like lenses. Warnings about banning photos and filming are written here on each column in arshin letters.

Tourists on this street are not in danger, but if it’s uncomfortable for you to wander alone along Christiania’s trails, you can always take an excursion – the main sights of Denmark, which include Christiania’s territories, are very popular among foreign guests, so there are many excursion programs to find a good guide is not difficult at all.

2. Reread Hamlet
Kronborg, known as Hamlet Castle, is located in Helsingor, which is 45 km north of Copenhagen. In Shakespearean times, this place was so popular that many foreigners sincerely considered it the current capital of Denmark.

The impregnable high castle with a sharp spire, often shrouded in milky fog, made Shakespeare so strong that he “settled” the Danish prince in it. For about 200 years, various productions of Hamlet have regularly been held in the castle.

If you want to enjoy the best view of the castle, take a local ferry ride. The ferry, which runs between Swedish Helsingborg and Danish Helsingor several times per hour during the day (and a little less at night), offers a simply amazing view of this architectural ensemble. The ferry travel time is about 20 minutes (4 km).

And in the Helsinger area, on the banks of the Öresund Strait, the most expensive lands in Denmark are located. Here, good-quality stone houses under thatched roofs are no less than modern designer new buildings built almost entirely from glass (prices start at 2 million euros for a house of 250 square meters and a plot of 10 acres of land).

3. Have fun in the wonderland park
When you want to have fun from the heart, go to Tivoli – the oldest amusement park in Europe. Tivoli is located in the heart of Copenhagen, near the main train station.

Locals believe that in Denmark there is no other place where the typical Danish spirit is so well preserved. Restaurants and small cafes with all sorts of things, neat souvenir shops, all kinds of attractions, multi-colored carousels, duck-boats, hundreds of burning lamps, bulbs and lights – all this creates a unique holiday atmosphere for both children and adults.

This typically Danish park was created by officer Georg Karstensen, who spent his childhood in Algeria, after which he lived in America for several years. Tivoli is constantly being improved and supplemented by modern attractions. Now the park can be called the most visited place in Copenhagen. By the way, during the Christmas market (from mid-November to December), huge lines are built at the entrance – in the cold season, everyone especially wants miracles.

4. Find the most photographed house in Denmark
Despite the fact that the city of Erescobing, located on the island of Ere, is, in fact, one large open-air museum, and that there are more than a hundred unique houses, the oldest of which is almost 400 years old, there is one special house. This house looks so picturesque that no photographer is able to pass by it. This small, rickety and rooted house is very often seen on postcards, in magazines and calendars.

And on the island there is a wind generator park and one of the largest solar power plants in the world. In autumn, amateur ornithologists flock here, who dream of seeing the phenomenon of the “Black Sun”

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