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Walking in Vienna. Cultural weekend

Vienna is an amazing city with a very special atmosphere.

It bizarrely combines brilliant imperial luxury, the sublime spirituality of the Middle Ages and the daring, shocking extravagance of our time, and the main sights of Vienna, which attract hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world every year to this amazing city, will conquer at first sight and forever.

Getting to know Vienna is a special recipe. To feel the taste of every moment in this amazing city, you need to know it slowly.

Menu of one city
One of the main rules for tourists who first arrived in the Austrian capital is the choice of a late flight. On your first day in Vienna, you should have a minimum of free time – only for dinner at a cafe or small restaurant closest to the hotel. There are several restaurants in the city that are definitely worth a visit, but in order to appreciate them, it is better not to go to them right away.

Vienna has an unusual tradition of democratic dinner in Heurigen – small restaurants on the outskirts of the capital. These are very unusual colorful restaurants and cafes in which you can meet workers sitting at neighboring tables, Ferrari owners and typical representatives of white-collar workers. Coziness and mutual understanding always reign in the hall; all visitors peacefully communicate with each other and enjoy treating themselves with simple traditional dishes: sausages, meat, potato salad and ordinary wine from local vineyards. In such restaurants there is no place for ostentatious luxury – only comfort, tasty hearty food and a pleasant friendly atmosphere, which are generously shared with everyone.

Vienna haute cuisine
Of course, you can spend the evening in the prestigious gourmet restaurant, for example, in the Kulinarium7 located next to the Vienna Opera. Here you can offer a variety of delicacies, for example, quail breast with foie gras, apricot and morels. Those who love antiquities and unusual experiences will surely enjoy a wine tasting in the basement, which has become a real ritual for guests of this restaurant.

In such an institution, the waiter will surely turn the serving of dishes into a real small performance, and in farewell they will give you a traditional shot of schnapps at the expense of the institution and send a snow-white rose. Beautiful, luxurious, exquisite. After visiting Kulinarium7, the realization that food is not only a means, but also a goal.

And in Vienna they know a lot not only in cooking, but also in the use of dishes. From time immemorial, Viennese cooks have created real culinary wonders that can be compared with little. For example, the most tender Viennese schnitzel, which is necessarily served with local white wine, such as Gruner Veltliner. In Vienna, there is even a restaurant in which this dish has been traditionally prepared since 1905 – Figlmuller. After you try the real Viennese schnitzel cooked by the cooks of this restaurant, you will definitely want to ask for a gastronomic refuge in Austria.

Vienna: the aroma of real coffee
The day after arriving in the Austrian capital, when the first impressions settle down a bit, you can go to the Old Town to see the sights in the center of Vienna and, of course, enjoy the famous Viennese delicacies.

Start with a cup of the strongest aromatic Viennese coffee. According to legend, the famous Viennese coffee houses appeared quite unusual. It is believed that in the XVII century the Turks, retreating after the unsuccessful siege of Vienna, in a hurry left bags of coffee beans that were picked up by Yuri-Franz Kolshitsky in a hurry. According to another version, he chose the captured Turkish coffee as a reward for helping to lift the siege from Vienna. But, one way or another, these bags came to Mr. Kolszycki, who opened after a while the first Viennese coffee house.

And if Kolshytsky, who lived in Turkey for some time, knew a lot about good coffee, then in Europe this drink did not gain popularity – pure coffee turned out to be too strong and bitter for European sweet tooth. Then the owner of the first European coffee shop made a real revolution in the art of drinking coffee. He made coffee the way millions of faithful fans of this amazing drink know it today – filtered, with the addition of milk, honey and sugar. Today we know the taste of coffee precisely thanks to this enterprising Ukrainian merchant who was able to teach Europe to enjoy this drink.

A place where traditions live
Coffee houses are one of the most striking and famous symbols of Vienna. Cultural and social life is concentrated in them, and there is always an amazing atmosphere.

The owners of each Viennese coffee house tremulously keep both traditions and interiors. Respect and stiffness, waiters in tuxedos and cupronickel saucers are natural here. Having plunged into this atmosphere, you understand at first glance that all this is in its place, and it simply cannot be otherwise.

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