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New Year in the rhythm of reggae

Who said that the New Year holidays are winter, frost and snowfall? If the snow is replaced with white sand of a tropical beach heated by the tropical sun, the Christmas tree with a palm tree, and the traditional “Soviet champagne” with the Pina Colada cocktail, such a New Year will become even more interesting!

New Year and Christmas holidays – this is a time of carefree relaxation and, of course, a wonderful festive mood.

And what can make such holidays unusual and unforgettable? Naturally, unusual atmosphere and many, many Caribbean Sea. If you are bored with the traditional snowy winter, try to celebrate the New Year in Jamaica!

New Year Jamaica
This amazing tropical island, the “edge of forests and rivers”, will meet you with snow-white beaches, a cloudless sky and an endless azure sea, which will erase all your worries in a matter of seconds. There is no place for gray color in Jamaica – all colors here are only the most juicy and bright. Locals are friendly and always look at the world with a smile, and everyone who sees them seems to be charged by them with irrepressible cheerful energy – reggae energy.

On New Year’s Day, Jamaica is transforming. New year fir trees are set up on city squares, and buildings are decorated with floral arrangements from tropical plants, which in combination looks simply dizzying. Have you ever seen Santa Claus decorating a Christmas tree on a sandy beach? But in Jamaica, perhaps not so!

Jamaican New Year is not a family holiday. The main night of the year is usually spent in cheerful noisy companies, talking with friends and just carefree celebrating. At this time, you will find a sea of ​​fun, music and dancing that will not leave anyone behind this irresistible holiday of life. During the New Year holidays in Jamaica, another significant event takes place – annual performances of the best reggae teams of the country take place. Agree, to miss such an exciting sight is simply impossible!

Winter holidays in the tropics
Those who love outdoor activities will certainly be interested in New Year tours to Jamaica, because this island can offer a variety of attractions for tourists. Want to climb the New Year in the mountains? The long chain of the Blue Mountains will give you an unforgettable climb to a height of 2256 meters above sea level. Soul asks for a New Year’s hiking trip through the rainforests?

The endless limestone plateau of Cockpit Country and the wild jungle around, gorges and waterfalls are the perfect place to relax from the bustling metropolitan areas and experience complete unity with nature. In addition, connoisseurs of good coffee will definitely appreciate coffee plantations – in Jamaica you can not only see how coffee is grown, but also taste a fragrant freshly made drink.

Extreme in Jamaica
If you can not imagine your vacation without extreme sports and constant movement, go on a sports tour in Jamaica. Horseback riding and expeditions deep into the island will allow you not only to learn horse riding, but also give you a lot of vivid impressions, because can you compare a regular sightseeing bus with exciting horseback riding?

Anyone who goes to Jamaica for extreme sports must definitely try rafting – traveling on the river on bamboo rafts. This is an incomparable experience. Exotic flowers, a sea of ​​emerald greenery on the banks and beautiful natural caves will make your vacation in Jamaica simply unforgettable. If you prefer more familiar sea cruises, in Jamaica you can always be offered boat trips, a yacht, a catamaran and even a sailboat. Reggae music, tropical cocktails and the magical beauty of coral bays will make your New Year’s sea tour in the tropics truly fabulous.

Fans of extreme sports will also appreciate diving in Jamaica. Montego Bay, Runaway Bay and Negril are deservedly considered the best diving sites on the island. Here you will see the underwater world with your own eyes and you can try everything that the rebellious soul of a real extreme can desire: night diving, deep-sea (up to 27-28 m.) And shallow diving, diving to sunken ships and aircraft. Good diving instructors will help you in your first dives, teach you all the intricacies and monitor your safety.

Christmas in Jamaica: masquerade, music and gifts
Christmas in Jamaica is celebrated according to the Catholic calendar (December 25), but the traditions of the celebration are very unusual. The Dzhonkanu festival takes place all over the country at Christmas, during which you can see a masquerade and various musical performances, and national dishes are surely served at the Christmas table – rice with ham, fried chicken and sweet pastries with rum soaking. And December 26 in Jamaica is called Boxing Day and is a public holiday. There is a tradition on the island – on this day, after exchanging gifts, people return to each other unnecessary things given for Christmas.

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