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Why lovers should visit Dubai

Soon February 14th is Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day. One of the most romantic and memorable periods of life for a couple in love is joint travel. The choice of direction for their organization is of no small importance. After all, the impressions received from this event will remain in memory and will serve as one of the bricks in building a happy and prosperous family life. And if we are talking about a honeymoon – then even more so!

Dubai, located on the shores of the Persian Gulf, has concentrated the advantages of many resorts. A comfortable climate and the absence of pronounced seasonality are the distinctive features of this resort. This Emirate combines the riches of a modern metropolis and magnificent sea beaches.

When choosing a place of rest, it is very important not to make a mistake with the choice of hotel. The variety of options offered in Dubai may puzzle even an experienced traveler. The hotels located in the skyscrapers of the modern part of the city are adjacent to the more traditional Arab buildings and local flavor. For those who like to live in solitude from the hustle and bustle of the big city, Dubai will provide an opportunity to enjoy magnificent sunsets on the bay in the middle of a vast desert.

The hotels located on the famous artificial island of Palm Jumeirah combine the quiet privacy of cozy villas and beautiful views of the sea. In the Dubai Marina area, the hotels are glass skyscrapers, which are located around an amazing bay with yachts. Tall buildings offer magnificent views of Palm Jumeirah Island and sandy beaches. All hotels offer spa treatments and gourmet dishes in the many restaurants. In addition to relaxing on the beach and enjoying in the spas, Dubai provides couples with plenty of entertainment.

Where to have fun and what to see in Dubai

For those who are not afraid of heights, there is the opportunity to visit the observation deck of the highest skyscraper on our planet.

Burj Khalifa is a tower 828 meters high, equipped with high-speed elevators and viewing platforms from which impressive views of the city and the waters of the bay. If this doesn’t seem enough, you can explore the city from a helicopter by ordering an individual tour.
Adventure lovers will love hot air ballooning or desert off-road safaris.
The impressions of visiting the Bedouin village with fiery Arabic dances, and a photo session on the dunes during sunset will also be memorable. You can ride on camels and ATVs.
Fans of diving are given an excellent opportunity for diving, both in the waters of the Persian Gulf and in the giant Atlantis aquarium. In addition, in the aquarium you can watch the life of marine life and enjoy the views of the depths.
The Sky-Dubai indoor complex is considered to be true exotic in the desert, offering its visitors real snowy slopes with ski lifts.
In the Jumeirah area, you can take a boat ride along the winding canals. A traditional local sconce boat with vacationers sets sail from the marina, which overlooks the Arabian bazaar.
Huge shopping centers and markets of Dubai will not leave indifferent fans of oriental goods and sweets, as well as shopping fans.
Restaurants with a view of the fountain complex opposite the Burj Khalifa skyscraper provide a romantic dinner for the couple in love. In the evenings, there is a musical and light show of fountains. This unforgettable sight combined with European and Arabian cuisine will serve as an excellent end to a day full of entertainment.
Dubai is a great place for a romantic trip. It will appeal to both lovers of measured beach and outdoor activities. In any case, a romantic trip to this Emirate will leave a bright mark in your memory.

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