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The most leisurely city in Europe

Medieval Europe is best preserved here in Estonia, in Tallinn. Tallinn is the capital and large developed city, which, perhaps best of all, preserves medieval Europe. In general, Estonia is a pearl on the UNESCO list. A small, neat country that persistently and carefully preserves the history of all of Europe.

For a trip or a vacation with your family, you should opt for Tallinn because:

This is a progressive interesting city. Tallinn does not lag behind the most modern capitals:

It has a very developed infrastructure. Tallinn has a very developed public transport network.
Nightlife boils in this quiet city and attracts young people from all over Europe.
Tallinn has a great variety and number of restaurants serving pan-European cuisine.
Good weather conditions. The mild winter, unfortunately, is not about Tallinn, but the temperatures are quite acceptable up to -10C, and frequent snowfalls.
Indigenous Estonians and tourists lovingly dubbed the city center “mini-Prague”, although the size of the Tallinn city center is still noticeably larger. A tourist should start acquaintance with the city precisely from a part of the old city, from the very historical center of Tallinn. So, the journey will begin on the ancient cobblestone squares, literally breathing the Middle Ages. Since it is cold to travel around the city on foot in winter, public transport is a great solution. Easy and fast buses running everywhere, and trams will take tourists to any desired point.

Tallinn: the most leisurely city in Europe

Very important advice to travelers! Get a Tallinn card. This card will allow not only free use of public transport, but also allow, also free of charge, to get to museums. Those museums that do not have free admission on this card give a big discount on entrance fees and excursions. When buying a card, a free two-hour sightseeing tour of the city is laid! The card is issued for several days, for an adult the cost is about 36 euros, and for a child – 20 euros. Yes, a separate card is needed for a child, especially if a child is over 7 years old.

Where to get a “fabulous” card:

An airport.
Travel agencies (prices may vary).
Some large hotels.
Bus stations near Tallinn.
Having received good advice from the holders of such cards, from sellers and consultants, you can safely go to  The unique attraction of Tallinn is the Tallinn Old Town. This place is not only the oldest in the city, with magnificent architecture and tiny European streets, but also a place of attraction for all shopaholics of the Baltic states. Well, who does not like shopping! The assortment of goods, though not like in shopping centers, is most sold in antiques, books, knitwear, souvenirs, musical instruments. However, it is here, on the shopping streets of Tallinn, that there are such wonders that are nowhere to be found!

Shopping streets of the old city:

Suur Karya.
The main thing, dear travelers, is not to get lost and not to spend all your savings!

Tallinn Old Town

Thanks to old but well-preserved buildings, Tallinn feels like a pretty European town. Many churches, Catholic and Orthodox, many museums and parks. Thus, in Tallinn there is something to do for both adults and children!

For children:

Tallinn Zoo.
Estonian Museum – an open-air park.
Botanical Garden.
Master classes at the national museum.

Church of St. Olav. They say the highest in medieval Europe.
Museum Park.
Botanical Garden.
Restaurants and bars of Tallinn.
Very relevant information for tourists. When planning a trip to Tallinn, as one of the cities of the European Union, it is important to remember:

The national currency is Euro.
Need a classic Schengen visa.
It is obligatory to have a reservation confirmation in a hotel or hotel, hostel or documents confirming rental housing, which shows the dates of arrival and departure.
It is advisable to get a Tallinn card.
Travel to Tallinn in winter

Well, cozy European Tallinn will delight everyone and everyone, and adults, and children, and senior citizens traveling through Europe. Tallinn is calm and quiet, however developed and modern. Tallinn is very suitable as a connecting point when traveling for work. This city is very quiet, high-quality, gives you the opportunity to gather your thoughts, relax from the energetic cities. Everything in this city is thoughtful, leisurely. Tallinn is a reflection of all leisurely Estonia. After the bustling Moscow, New York, London, Istanbul and others, any cities, Tallinn is like a breath of fresh air.

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